Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top of the Morning!

In the morning if I have the time to do it I like to sit down and write down all the things I need to do that day. Often times I write them each on a sticky note and get the satisfaction of crumbling it up in hand when the task it done and throwing it away. Today  I did this, yet in the end it made me stressed when I realized I have so many things to do today and I have to work from 12-7. But that okay, deep breaths and coffee will get me through this day. Here are a few things around me while I pondered my To-Do's. I would also like to give special Happy Birthday to one of my life long friends Sam Jewell! Xoxo!

{My sticky notes}

{Old Juicy Couture boxes I like to keep for storing things in}

{My XXL coffee mug! - Lifesaver}

{My puppy Mika}

{Josie Maran wipes to wipe away yesterday and take on a new day}

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