Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day Off!

Today I have the whole day off, no class, no work and no where to be at any certain time. I wanted to wake up early so I could make use of this day! Although studying for my last mid-term I have tomorrow is hanging over my head I am going to ignore that for now and enjoy the day. First I went shopping at Marshall's so see if I could find a few steals on sundresses before the cruise. I left with 2 dresses that I wouldn't usually pick for myself. A short full pattern one, which is the opposite of the plain solid colors I normally go for and a MAXI dress. I am still letting it sink in that I actually purchased one. I always see them and either think I am too short for them or they just wouldn't look right. I saw one for $14.99 and figured I would give it a try, I tried it on and loved it! I even think I am going to wear it on the way down to Miami on Monday! Then I came home and made lunch with the help of one of my favorite doggies being right by my side just in case I dropped something. Now I am blogging and making a list of To-Do's for the rest of the weekend in my favorite "little black book" It  holds important numbers, memos, to do lists, thoughts and ideas. I call it my everything book! Here are some pictures of my day so far...
{One of my new dresses}
{My new maxi dress}
{My lunch helper}

{My little black book of everything!}

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