Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today I went home to my parents house to spend the day with my dad and my sister Cari, after ordering delicious grinders from Mancino's my sister and I decided to Tie Dye! I love tie dyeing shirts, it is so fun to throw paint all over them and have no idea what they are going to look like until they are done. Nine times out of ten I think my shirt is going to be covered and then I take off the rubber bands, open it up and find the opposite and I always have to add more. Tie dyeing is such an easy inexpensive activity, all it takes are plain white shirts, rubber bands, some dye, and creativity!  Here are a few photos.... 

{Shirts before we took the rubber bands off}

{Part of one of the shirts I made}

{A few of the bottles of dye we have}

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