Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Things

Today was a very long, and hot day, it was almost 90 degrees here in the lovely mitten state and it has wiped me out! I spent this morning shopping for a few items to bring me into summer mode, then went to class and finished this day of running around with a relaxing dinner at Champps on the patio with my boyfriend! Here are 5 things that kept me from getting cranky from the heat and motivated to love this summer weather.

{My fun sparkly and pink nails that remind me of summer}

{My favorite comfy sandal from Charlotte Russe}

{A purchase I made this morning - A Tommy Hilfiger tote bag}

{This bright pink pen that keeps note taking in class exciting}

{The ending of my busy day - A Miller Light on the patio at Champps}

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