Monday, March 19, 2012

Relaxing Sunday!

After all of the excitement and craziness of Saturday being St. Patrick's day I wanted to spend Sunday in a relaxed state of mind. So my boyfriend and I decided to go to Grand Rapids and see my sister and her boyfriend. It was a nice and sunny day perfect for going outside. Once we got there my sister showed me all of the cute arts and crafts shes been working on with inspiration from other blogs and of course Pinterest. Her apartment it so cute, it is just outside of the city and right outside their sliding glass door there is a huge pond with a water fountain in the center which makes the feeling of her apartment so relaxing. After visiting for a little we went to the movies to see 21 Jump Street, it was super good and super funny. I recommend it! After the movie we went to my sister and her boyfriend Kyle's favorite hot spot which is Founder's Brewing Company, it is a huge building that seems almost like a garage, with lots of indoor and outdoor space, they have great bar snacks and of course lots of beer, lots and lots of beer. I am not much of a dark beer drinker like the ones they serve but I got one close to what I normally drink. I would suggest Founder's to anyone in the area. Yesterday there was also a Jazz band playing the whole times we were there, so we stood on the patio, had some snacks, listened to jazz and drank a beer. Perfect relaxing Sunday!  A few pics of the day....

{My Sister and I}

{Matt and I}

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