Friday, March 30, 2012


Today I took the day to organize my room at my parents. I love love love organizing, throwing out and donating stuff I don't want. I got rid of so much stuff that I have just been holding onto for no reason. I also love doing this because I often find little trinkets and things I forgot I ever had. I still have more clothes I plan to donate but that takes much longer, I have a hard time getting rid of clothes. But in the end when I know my room is cleaned out and I did a good thing by donating, I just feel relieved and lighter knowing things I don't want will make someone else happy. I am finishing up the night doing last min. homework and relaxing with my sister and boyfriend.

{Though I wish my closet looked anywhere close to this, I like to look at organized closets and rooms online for ideas on how to tackle my own}

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