Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bucket List

I love the idea of making a bucket list. I think they are a great way to inspire yourself to do things and I can't even imagine the joy in getting to check something off of it. I have contemplated making one for a while I just never feel like I could think of things to put on it, all I can ever think of are things I have already done, So I think I will make one this summer and the first item on the bucket list will be to make a bucket list. I found a cute idea on Pinterest (no way!) to make a couples bucket list, my boyfriend and I have done this but it has sort of fallen to the way side, I wouldn't mind picking it back up. Here is an example, I love that is has cute little things and big things too! Enjoy!



Recently I have had the urge to start to wear a watch, I have tried numerous times before and I am now on the same track. I see other people wearing them and they just seem to be such a staple accessory, I want a big white one, a big gold and sparkly one and some of fun colors. I think I will continue my search buy one and see how it goes, I will update you all of how it goes. I also love love love this one, I am not sure where it is from, I saw it on Pinterest!

{Love the Detail}

Date Pops!!

I have seen this done on Pinterest and my sister has done it as well. You take a mason jar or any jar you would like, buy a pack of popsicle sticks, and on each one write something you could do on a date. Write a resturant name, an activity to do, or somewhere to go. You could even buy colored ones and have yellow be cheap dates, green be free dates, blue be expensive dates and red be dates that take advance planning. (I believe my sister did something of that sort). You could also use this idea for many other things such as decided which chore and child will do, write on each one things that need to be done and have each child pick chores until the sticks are gone. You could also do this for yourself, write on the sticks things you have been wanting to do but never have time and when you do get time draw a few out and go do those things. Enjoy!

{Decorate the jar with whatever they will be used for}


Though I love love love sandals in the summer time I also have a huge love for Sperry's boat shoes! They are great for wearing out to shop, to lunch, at night when the temp cools down and when your out on the run. They have so many styles, patterns and colors everyone can find a pair for them. They have it all from traditional to sparkly and pink! Check them out here!

{Traditional - So cute}

{Traditional with a bit of leopard flare - My favorite}

{Crazy cute!}

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tommy Bahama

While finishing up my Sales Class project today, I came across a website that has a little bit of everything. Some items are a bit expensive for me but all in all they have great things for you or anyone else you may be shopping for. Like Mothers Day!! Their site quote is "Make life one long weekend" So fun right? Check it out quick! Tommy Bahama

Begging for Summer!

I've been a Michigan girl my whole life, and some how I just don't think I will ever get used to the weather. Which has become a trait of the mitten state after all. The weather here is unpredictable one week in march it is in the 80s and now April is almost over and the temp can't seem to push over the 50's. Ugh! Is really all I have to say, though I love being bundled and cuddled I love sandals, dresses and sunglasses more. This weather doesn't stop me from shopping for summer so hopefully it will work with my soon so I can wear what I buy! Here are a few dresses I quickly fell in love with while looking at Forever 21 - no purchases yet, but they are near I'm sure :)

{Love this color and the zipper up the front}

{Love this for a cooler night out to dinner}

{This color is fantastic so is the detail on this dress}

{The accessories are what made me fall for this dress}

{Love this for a more formal day/night}

Message Sent!

Last night was a night all about my sister Carian!! She graduated last year from GVSU with a degree in Film Production, that summer she jumped right in and put her talent to use. She was picked to be the Producer on the GVSU summer film. This position is usually given to a professor, or otherwise a grown up who has experience, but professors saw enough talent in my sister to give her the position. The summer film is called Message Sent it is a short film about a homeless man finding a cell phone and getting it back to the owner. It was only 22 mins long but sends a great message! After the film they showed the "making of" and next thing I know there is my sisters face on the big screen! I could not be more proud of her, she is so gifted and talented and someone I look up to every day. She is my best friend in this world and I couldn't ask for more! Shout out to my sister :) Here are some photos of our friends and family that came in support!

{Nichole, Carian, Myself, Heather
Best Friends since Elementary}
{The White Family}

Friday, April 27, 2012


As of yesterday I have taken responsibility to foster a puppy from my work. She has a broken elbow and it also deaf. However this doesn't stop her from doing anything. She is not a fan of all of the cage rest she is forced to have, has a true love for raw-hides and snores like an old man, but she is the cutest thing ever! This is one of the great perks of working at the Humane Society, at times you get a new puppy for a few weeks then get to watch it find a forever home :) Here she is.....
{Sleeping Beauty}

{Nom nom nom!}

What a beautiful life

This past week has been crazy to say the least. It's the last week before finals, I had a full work schedule and social schedule. All these days have become a mushed together blur. I found myself numerous times this week waking up to wonder which day it was. On Wednesday I went to see Legally Blonde the musical performed at the Wharton Center by MSU Department of Theater. I had the pleasure of sharing this night with my mom. We both love the movie so when that play was happening in town I knew we had to go. On top of it all 2 people I went to high school with were in the play. I can't say enough about them, they were amazing in high school and made me speechless on Wednesday. They are so gifted!! Check out the MSU DOT! 

{Show Poster}

{Elle Woods} 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Foods for Living!

Today my boyfriend and I went to an all natural, fresh and organic store that is right down the road. We've never gone before but always had a slight interest. There was so much yummy healthy food there obviously! We came across some Coconut Water and decided to buy one and try it. We also have been meaning to do that as well. I am all about trying new healthy foods and drinks. However the coconut water was gross to say the least, I didn't like anything about it. The one we got was just plain, I think if it had some flavor to it, it could be much better. Guess I will keep trying!! Do any of you like it? Check the store out here!

{Not my favorite thing just yet}

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Little Things

The past few days have been pretty rough, I am usually good at handling life little stresses but after finding out I can't graduate when I thought I could because of one single class and my trip to Chicago being cancelled I found myself really upset. So I tried to take a moment to think of things for a pick me up. I was looking through my photos on my phone and came across some I took yesterday morning at work before the madness of the day happened, I spent my morning with recently born kittens who were just learning that they could walk. It made me realize that with all the crazy things happening around me especially with exams around the corner that I have to take a step back and watch the little things. There was just something peaceful and loving about watching these baby kittens discover they could walk. I couldn't help but get lost in the moment and think about how proud them must feel and how big this world is to them. After being upset all day thinking about this little moment was a good pick me up before bed. Here are a few photos...

{Little babies - I can't even explain how little they are}

{So cute}


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rummage SALE!

Today I went with my mom and my sister to a church rummage sale, which is a favorite hobby of all of ours. We always find so many little knick knacks to buy and use either to decorate, wear or use for crafts. Today I found a few pieces of jewelry and a fun scarf. Also this morning I helped my mom finish cleaning out her and my dads closet and we found old pairs of heels she had that she will never wear again and I fell instantly in love!  Here are a few pictures of what I bought and the heels I found to be a treasure!

{Rummage sale goodies}

{Pink satin heels - they are much less shiny than they appear}

Color Run Prep!

Okay, so I never really work out, I know I really should but I just don't. I have never really found a love for it and I just can't seem to motivate myself to do so. But with the color run only a few months away I knew I had to find something to get me going. I always see the "100 Workout" on Pinterest and it has always caught my eye, it is such easy things that get you going. The run at the end is tough but so worth it. Yesterday was my first day and I was really just trying it out so I cut the workout in half and did that, I learned to love it, I felt really good after. So for now this will be workout until I do some more searching!

{The 100 Workout - I decorated it for motivation}

{My for now workout/running shoes - I plan to buy nicer, prettier ones}

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bare with me!

I am in search of a new background for my blog, I love the old one but I want one that will better fit my upcoming spring and summer posts! The old one was great and cozy for winter but now I want something light and colorful for spring and summer! The current one is a possible keep. However I am looking around so stay tuned for changes :) Also I have added an {About Me} section which I will add more to later and a way to {Follow me on Twitter!}

{This is Duncan one of my favorite doggies at my work}
Check out my About Me to find out where that is!

Color Run!!

My sister has convinced me to do the Color Run when it comes to Ann Arbor! For those of you who have never heard of the Color Run it is a 5K run and at each kilometer paint is thrown at you. You dress in all white and by the end you are covered in paint! The hold the event all over the United States and one is coming to Ann Arbor MI :) Which thankfully is only about an hour away! I am so excited, although the though of running even a 5K scares me I have until July 22nd to start running. I will keep you all updated on my training! Check out the Color Run here and see what it is all about and if it is coming towards you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I was recommended by a friend to check out a website called Looksy it is full of designer bags, jewelry, and accessories all for a great low price. The website usually has about 50 items on it and it changes daily.Shipping is free is you spend over $50,  and the items are usually range between ten and forty dollars. To get started all you have to do is enter your email and get shopping. The best part is even though you give them your email they don't send out that annoying every day spam. It is fun because the items are different every day so check it often, It is a great site for adding charm to any outfit!These are some of the pieces on sale today: