About Casey Lynn

Hello I'm Casey Lynn, I am a twenty-something-year-old girl writing to you all from a small town in Michigan. I currently live in St.Johns, where I am finishing school to get my degree in Business Marketing. I am a full time student and part time employee at the Capital Area Humane Society. I spend my days studying, working, blogging, shopping, spending time with my friends and my boyfriend Matt.

I am a puppy lover, day dream believer, dream chaser, bargain shopper, Pinterest junkie and a great advice giver (so i've been told).

I don't think you could categorize my personality into one word, I eat like I'm 5 years old, have self proclaimed OCD about being organized, and a serious obsession with Harry Potter and 8 Mile. If everything in the world was pink and covered in rhinestones I would consider it heaven on earth.

I never eat the last bite of anything, I am scared to death of butterflies, and I would pick cheap beer and a bon fire over wine and a four course meal any day. I hate spending full price for anything, I go to Wal-mart on average once a day, and have an addiction to reality tv. My sister is my best friend and I can't go a day without talking to my parents.

This blog with wrap all this together, tell you about my days, my dreams, life's blessings and the stresses I go through to get to the next day.

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