Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Hobby

Yesterday I was introduced to Golf and I am in love! My father is an avid player and I have always wanted to learn, I have lately been begging my boyfriend to teach me to play so this weekend we came to my parents so I could use my moms clubs because she is the only other lefty I know. So I grabbed her clubs and off to the course we went. I thought my favorite part would be driving the cart around but to my surprise I actually love the game! I am better than I thought I would be, I love it so much we went back today. Both times we have gone to the course my sister and I used to go with my parents to. Here are some pictures from the adventures of golf:

{My new glove - I figured it would inspire me}

{The first hole - I like that each one has a quote}

{Hole 3 - which may be my favorite}

{My super cute coach ;) what a great boyfriend}

{The key to our cart}

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