Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cute Way to Store Make-Up

Yesterday my sister introduced me to a new craft. It is called a magnetic make-up board seen here on Pinterest. It is a fun and cute way to display your make up and have it all right in front of you instead of stuffed in a small bag. I got all of the supplies to make it for $30 at Hobby Lobby.

First I found a great already metal sign. It was blank and black, so I decided to tape off the edges and spray paint it pink for some flare.  After it dried I carefully removed the tape, and then attached magnets to the back of my make up, stuck them on the board and that's it! Super easy and super fun!

{The supplies - Spray paint for the edges and Magnets and Super Glue for attaching magnets to the back of your make up}

{Tape off the center of the frame}

{Spray Paint the frame and let dry}

{Peel off the center tape}

{Glue magnets to your makeup and ENJOY}

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