Saturday, April 28, 2012

Message Sent!

Last night was a night all about my sister Carian!! She graduated last year from GVSU with a degree in Film Production, that summer she jumped right in and put her talent to use. She was picked to be the Producer on the GVSU summer film. This position is usually given to a professor, or otherwise a grown up who has experience, but professors saw enough talent in my sister to give her the position. The summer film is called Message Sent it is a short film about a homeless man finding a cell phone and getting it back to the owner. It was only 22 mins long but sends a great message! After the film they showed the "making of" and next thing I know there is my sisters face on the big screen! I could not be more proud of her, she is so gifted and talented and someone I look up to every day. She is my best friend in this world and I couldn't ask for more! Shout out to my sister :) Here are some photos of our friends and family that came in support!

{Nichole, Carian, Myself, Heather
Best Friends since Elementary}
{The White Family}

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