Sunday, April 29, 2012

Date Pops!!

I have seen this done on Pinterest and my sister has done it as well. You take a mason jar or any jar you would like, buy a pack of popsicle sticks, and on each one write something you could do on a date. Write a resturant name, an activity to do, or somewhere to go. You could even buy colored ones and have yellow be cheap dates, green be free dates, blue be expensive dates and red be dates that take advance planning. (I believe my sister did something of that sort). You could also use this idea for many other things such as decided which chore and child will do, write on each one things that need to be done and have each child pick chores until the sticks are gone. You could also do this for yourself, write on the sticks things you have been wanting to do but never have time and when you do get time draw a few out and go do those things. Enjoy!

{Decorate the jar with whatever they will be used for}

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