Saturday, April 28, 2012

Begging for Summer!

I've been a Michigan girl my whole life, and some how I just don't think I will ever get used to the weather. Which has become a trait of the mitten state after all. The weather here is unpredictable one week in march it is in the 80s and now April is almost over and the temp can't seem to push over the 50's. Ugh! Is really all I have to say, though I love being bundled and cuddled I love sandals, dresses and sunglasses more. This weather doesn't stop me from shopping for summer so hopefully it will work with my soon so I can wear what I buy! Here are a few dresses I quickly fell in love with while looking at Forever 21 - no purchases yet, but they are near I'm sure :)

{Love this color and the zipper up the front}

{Love this for a cooler night out to dinner}

{This color is fantastic so is the detail on this dress}

{The accessories are what made me fall for this dress}

{Love this for a more formal day/night}

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