Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween, I think that it is a great holiday, who doesn't love to get dressed up and eat candy? Halloween brings back so many great memories from when I was little as well, my sister Cari and I always knew just what we wanted to be and our mom would help us go all out with our costumes. Carving pumpkins is one of my moms favorite things to do and we would always cover the kitchen table in newspaper, have my dad cut the top of our pumpkins off and get to pulling out the "pumpkin guts" as we would call them. Then me sister, our friend Brianna and I would always go Trick-or-Treating together and out parents would alternate each year who went with us. Halloween is such a fun holiday, here are a few pictures of the decor around our house. Enjoy your Halloween, eat lots of candy! Xoxo

{This decorative pumpkin is super cute and make the holiday not seem so scary}
{This Witch lady who is made to sit on the ledge of something, She is sitting on the buffet table in our living room}
{We have matching twin pumpkin stuffed animals that sit on either side of the couch. These have also became the dogs new challenge to carry them off the couch}
{My parents have a few of these Halloween Village houses - they are super cute}

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