Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let the summer begin!!

I must first apologize for taking a week or so off from posting, I was soooo very busy wrapping up the semester, getting ready for summer and thinking of LOTS of things to blog about in the future. Last week seems like a whole cloud of tests, studying, eating out due to no time to cook and saying goodbye to friends.

I just finished my 4th year of college (with a 4.0 eeek!) and although I'll be taking a victory lap, many of my friends graduated this past weekend! Time flies when you're having fun is no lie! A few of my friends are making big moves and leaving the state. It's impossible to say goodbye to friends you've had since middle school so I prefer see you later! I wish them all the best of luck I know they will do great!

So to sum up my last week here are some highlights:
I took exams, Packed all my stuff to move home, Did a little summer shopping, Went to a going away party, Made some plans for summer, and Sent my boyfriend home to New Jersey for the summer :(

Those of you who don't know my boyfriend Matt is from New Jersey, I met him here at school but he obviously would rather spend summers at home after being away for the year. So it's so of like we are in a half long distance half not relationship which is not easy! But we manage, have for almost 2 years :)

Time to share with you my ideas, plans and thoughts for summer! Stayed tuned!

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