Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Iced Coffee at Home

There are tons and tons of Iced Coffee recipes out there but I'm going to share mine with you too. There are tons of changes you can make depending on what you like but here are the basics:

{Step 1:} I usually take a regular sized drinking glass and fill it about 1/4 way full with crushed ice. 
{Step 2:} I put chocolate syrup on top of the ice just until it is covered.
(This step can be skipped)

{Step 3:} I fill the glass to half way with either milk or creamer,
(Your choice of both)

{Step 4:} Fill the rest of the way with cold coffee, stir and ENJOY!!

This usually works out well for me because my parents make coffee early in the morning and leave some for me, by the time I get around to drinking it, the coffee is cold so it works out. If you want to make it right away and your coffee is still warm you can still do all of the steps it just usually melts your ice right away but you can always add more. Enjoy!

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