Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was great! It was full of family, friends and relaxation. Friday my boyfriend and I went to my parent’s house to visit them and see our new puppy! There are so many reasons I love going home, I love the happiness my parents get out of having any of their children home. I love when my mommy cooks me dinner, even if I make the same thing there is always something better about when my mom makes things for me. I love going home and doing my laundry and having my mom handle it all, sorting, washing and folding. :) She is just great! We all went to dinner that night to one of my favorite little Mexican restaurants, Cancun. We chatted over dinner about so many memories of my childhood mostly about Disney World. I love thinking back to what a great childhood I had and what fun things we did as a family. After dinner we went back to my parent’s house and dug out my old play station 1. I had no idea that it was going to still work perfectly. It was crazy to see the differences in playing that and today playing our Wii. Technology really is changing day by day. We then finished off the day relaxing and watching TV.

Saturday my boyfriend and I went to visit my roommates from college, It is always so fun catching up and having girl time and girl talk. I miss living in the dorms and all sharing one room and having a year long sleep over. Meghan and Kim are girls that will be in my life forever, they are the kind of friends that even if our crazy lives keep us from talking for weeks at a time, it takes no time to get caught right back up with each other.

Today on the way back from seeing my friends we stopped at my parent’s house again, grabbed our new puppy and took her to a puppy play date with my life long best friend Brianna. She has a small fluffy dog just like ours, they puppies loved it they ran around like crazy for hours while I got to catch up with another best friend of mine.

{ Mika - Our New Pup }

Weekends like this make me so happy; I love having time for friends and really getting to see how everyone is doing. Life gets so crazy at times so it is great to spend time with the people who I love. Xoxo!


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