Sunday, February 12, 2012

5 Things That Currently Make Me Smile

Pretty Little Liars - Which is on ABC Family is my favorite show at the moment. I am usually one to stick to reality TV shows but after watching one episode of this I was hooked!

My new bathing suit I got from Target. I debated for days on where I wanted to get a bathing suit from and then when I was browsing around at target I saw this and couldn't leave without it. The actual suit is much brighter than the picture seems. 

This is a double - 1. I discovered this new site Polyvore where you can create outfits of any kind. 2. This outfit reminds me of summer and that it is just around the corner!!

Pinterest! You can spend hours on this site, girls and guys both it has everything you can imagine to find online all in one place.

The fact that the countdown to Spring Break is soon, which is when I will set sail to Mexico on the Carnival Imagination Ship!! 23 Days!


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