Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pretty Things

So today I finally get a little break from studying, I went to the library last night and got a bunch of assignments done so I can take tonight off. There is a huge snow storm on its way in so I decided to stay in snuggle up and show you a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I love big cocktail rings, they are my favorite accessory, I get almost all the ones I have from Forever 21 they have so many to choose from. I also love rings that you wear on more than one finger. It took some getting used to but now they are a favorite of mine. Like most girls I also love long necklaces with big pendants on them. I have so many but I put my favorite one on here to show you all. Lastly I love big charm bracelets, my favorite ones are from Juicy Couture, like the one pictured below. Enjoy!

 {These are a few of my favorite ones for fall and winter}

{These are a few of my favorite ones for summer - 2 of these I just got today}

{I love wearing rings that are for more than one finger}

{One of my favorite things in the world are crowns so I love this necklace}

{Along with crowns I love bows as well and anything from Juicy Couture}

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